kids photographer glendale az

DIY Birthday Children’s Photography in Peoria, AZ


kids photographer glendale az

I am one of those people that are totally guilty of slacking when it comes to using their profession for themselves. You know the type, the hair dresser whose roots are showing, the electrician with the broken doorbell, the mechanic with a clunky car….well I’m the photographer who never gets around to doing my own family portraits. Sure I take lots of pictures of events and holidays and I always have a camera in reach. But when it comes to actually planning out a shoot, dressing the kids up and taking them to a cool place I just don’t do it as much as I should. So with my son turning One and my daughter having just celebrated her 4th birthday, it was time to make a plan for my childrens photography!

I am really into the whole DIY trend. I love making fun things and I especially love it when I can combo it with my photography. I am also all about any and all excuses I can come up with for trips to Hobby Lobby. Little man had to have something cool to wear, so I found this awesome tutorial on pinterest to sew him a bow tie and suspenders. I also looked up some inspiration online to make a burlap banner. Once I had ideas and supplies (and a cup of coffee!), I was ready for my happy time…crafting!

I had a last minute idea to give Noah a cake to devour. Considering that this part of plan was added in the day of the shoot, I didn’t have high expectations of the cake. I figured I’d walk into the bakery and buy a cupcake or something. I have to give a big shout out to my neighborhood cake shop Bakerwee, they went way above and beyond and far exceeded my cupcake plan and made me the cutest little cake I’ve ever seen.

I wanted a rustic outdoorsy country type feel for the photos so we chose one of my favorite valley locations, Saguaro Ranch Park in Glendale. It has lots of cute little houses and barns and he kids love the chickens and the peacocks. The orchard made for the perfect place for the cake fiasco and birthday baby portraits. We hung the birthday banner from the trees and just let Noah go at it. It was his first real taste of sugar and boy did he love it! You should of seen the mess… There was dirt and frosting from head to toe.

I just love my daughters sweet spirit. While all this cake craziness was happening, Juliette was off in her own little world twirling in the one little patch of sunshine to be found under the shade of the orchard. Completely content dancing barefoot by her self…. thats my girl :)

I hope you enjoy viewing these photos of my little ones as much as I enjoyed taking them. I kept the banner and bow tie and I’ll be looking forward to the next time a little guy (maybe yours?) has a first birthday and needs his portrait taken.

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  1. Stephen

    Love the prop ideas for kids’ shoots, anything to keep them entertained.

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